Java: All Functional Interfaces

Here follows a complete list of the general purpose functional interfaces available in the standard Java API.

Interface Type
BiConsumer<T, U> T, U
BiFunction<T, U, R> T, U → R
BinaryOperator<T> T, T → T
BiPredicate<T, U> T, U → boolean
BooleanSupplier → boolean
Callable<V> → V
Consumer<T> T
DoubleBinaryOperator double, double → double
DoubleConsumer double
DoubleFunction<R> double → R
DoublePredicate double → boolean
DoubleSupplier → double
DoubleToIntFunction double → int
DoubleToLongFunction double → long
DoubleUnaryOperator double → double
Function<T, R> T → R
IntBinaryOperator int, int → int
IntConsumer int
IntFunction<R> int → R
IntPredicate int → boolean
IntSupplier → int
IntToDoubleFunction int → double
IntToLongFunction int → long
IntUnaryOperator int → int
LongBinaryOperator long, long → long
LongConsumer long
LongFunction<R> long → R
LongPredicate long → boolean
LongSupplier → long
LongToDoubleFunction long → double
LongToIntFunction long → int
LongUnaryOperator long → long
ObjDoubleConsumer<T> T, double
ObjIntConsumer<T> T, int
ObjLongConsumer<T> T, long
Predicate<T> T → boolean
Supplier<T> → T
ToDoubleBiFunction<T, U> T, U → double
ToDoubleFunction<T> T → double
ToIntBiFunction<T, U> T, U → int
ToIntFunction<T> T → int
ToLongBiFunction<T, U> T, U → long
ToLongFunction<T> T → long
UnaryOperator<T> T → T


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