Java: Lambda Cheat Sheet


() -> "Hello" () -> System.out.println("Hello") (String str) -> str.length() (str) -> str.length() str -> str.length() (int i, int j) -> i + j (i, j) -> i + j
() -> { System.out.println("Hello"); System.out.println("World"); } (int i) -> { System.out.println("Hello"); return i; }

Method References

// Static methods
Supplier<Thread> runtimeSup = Thread::currentThread;

// Bound instance methods
Supplier<String> helloSup = "hello"::toUpperCase;
Consumer<String> printer = System.out::println;

// Unbound instance methods
Function<String, String> lower = String::toLowerCase;

// Constructors
Supplier<String> stringSup = String::new;
Function<Integer, int[]> arrSup = int[]::new;

Standard Functional Interfaces

Interface Type
BiConsumer<T, U> T, U
BiFunction<T, U, R> T, U R
BinaryOperator<T> T, T T
BiPredicate<T, U> T, U boolean
BooleanSupplier boolean
Consumer<T> T
DoubleBinaryOperator double, double double
DoubleConsumer double
DoubleFunction<R> double R
DoublePredicate double boolean
DoubleSupplier double
DoubleToIntFunction double int
DoubleToLongFunction double long
DoubleUnaryOperator double double
Function<T, R> T R
IntBinaryOperator int int
IntConsumer int
IntFunction<R> int R
IntPredicate int boolean
IntSupplier int
IntToDoubleFunction int double
IntToLongFunction int long
IntUnaryOperator int int
LongBinaryOperator long, long long
LongConsumer long
LongFunction<R> long R
LongPredicate long boolean
LongSupplier long
LongToDoubleFunction long double
LongToIntFunction long int
LongUnaryOperator long long
ObjDoubleConsumer<T> T, double
ObjIntConsumer<T> T, int
ObjLongConsumer<T> T, long
Predicate<T> T boolean
Supplier<T> T
ToDoubleBiFunction<T, U> T, U double
ToDoubleFunction<T> T double
ToIntBiFunction<T, U> T, U int
ToIntFunction<T> T int
ToLongBiFunction<T, U> T, U long
ToLongFunction<T> T long
UnaryOperator<T> T T

Custom Functional Interfaces

Declared like:

interface MyInterface {
    String method(String str);

Used like:

MyInterface doubler = str -> str + str;
String abab = doubler.method("ab");


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