Go: Structs explained

A struct is a typed collection of fields. It's useful for grouping data to form records.

Defining a struct

type Person struct {
    name string
    age  int

Using a struct

var x Person      // x is initialized to the zero value: Person{"", 0}
x.name = "Alice"

var px *Person    // px is initialized to nil
px = new(Person)  // px points to the new struct Person{"", 0}
px.name = "Bob"

y := Person{       // y is initialized to Person{"Alice", 0}.
    name: "Alice",

py := &Person{     // py points to the new struct Person{"Bob", 8}.
    name: "Bob",
    age:  8,

z := Person{"Cecilia", 5} // One element for each field, in given order.


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