Go: Pointer vs. value receiver


  • For a given type, don’t mix value and pointer receivers.
  • If in doubt, use pointer receivers (they are safe and extendable).

Pointer receivers

You must use pointer receivers

  • if any method needs to mutate the receiver,
  • for structs that contain a sync.Mutex or similar synchronizing field (they musn’t be copied).

You probably want to use pointer receivers

  • for large structs or arrays (it can be more efficient),
  • in all other cases.

Value receivers

You probably want to use value receivers

  • for map, func and chan types,
  • for simple basic types such as int or string,
  • for small arrays or structs that are value types, with no mutable fields and no pointers.

You may want to use value receivers

  • for slices with methods that do not reslice or reallocate the slice.


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