About this website

Programming.Guide provides high quality articles on various programming topics. Think Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow Docs but with superior quality.


My name is Andreas Lundblad. I have a PhD in theoretical computer science and worked, up until recently, at Oracle in the Langtools team developing Java tools such javac, javadoc, sjavac. I’m also among the top 10 contributors in the Java tag at Stack Overflow.

So far I’m the author of all the articles on this site. If you have feedback, questions, article requests, want to contribute or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out. See my personal homepage for contact details.


When I started out programming in Java I often referred to a site called Example Depot. It was a great resource for easy-to-forget boiler plate snippets, conveniently available for copy/paste. It was also straight to the point with example code up front.

The site died and along came Stack Overflow which is now the dominant programming resource. I like Stack Overflow. I’m even one of the top 100 contributors. But has its drawbacks. The quality is often poor and the best answer is not always found at the top. It’s also problem / solution oriented as opposed to example snippets / “cookbook” oriented as Example Depot was. The recently launched Stack Overflow Docs is intended to cover this niche. I like the idea of SO docs but it fails to deliver in my opinion. It suffers from the same quality issues as the Q/A site and it’s really unstructured. I doubt the quality will ever be satisfactory and the non-structuredness is by design.

So, what to do? How about starting a new site from scratch? The ambition here is to provide high quality articles on various programming topics. Initially focused on Java fundamentals since that’s my domain of expertise, but hopefully other languages as well down the road.